The SCP Foundation


Q) Are these things real?!

A) No. The SCP Foundation is a purely fictional organization.

Q) What is The SCP Foundation?

A) Information about The SCP Foundation can be found here.

Q) Did you write these?

A) No, none of these are my original work. All of them are written by the people at the original site. I claim no credit for any of their work.

Q) Are all of these games like SCP-087?

A) No. SCP-087 is an article on the site which can be found here. It was only recently adapted into a computer game which contains several changes from the source material.

Q) Are you a member of The SCP Foundation?

A) I am a member of The SCP Foundation, but I have not yet written any articles or made any direct contributions to this site.

Q) Is this tumblr endorsed by The SCP Foundation?

A) The current opinion of the senior staff regarding this tumblr is “meh.” Interpret that however you want.

Q) How can I join the site?

A) You can apply through this page. But be aware. You absolutely must read all of the required reading. Otherwise it is completely impossible to get in. This cannot be stressed enough. The required reading is the Guide to Newbies, How to Write an SCP, the Site Rules, the Chat Guide, the FAQ, and The Big List of Overdone SCP Cliches.

Q) What does SCP stand for?

A) Depending on whom you ask, it either stands for the the Foundation’s motto of “Secure. Contain. Protect.” or it stands for Special Containment Procedures. What is agreed on is that SPC stands for Shark Punching Center.

Q) Is this a roleplaying blog?

A) While I may have done some a while ago, I have decided to cease all roleplaying on this blog, primarily because The SCP Foundation is based upon large amounts of internal review and criticism to ensure high quality fiction, and that level of peer review is not possible on this blog.

Q) Can I submit an SCP for future posting?

A) You can submit an existing SCP article or tale here, but I ask that you review the previous posts on this blog to ensure that I haven’t posted it yet. 

Q) My question hasn’t been answered yet. Why not?

A) This could be for multiple reasons. The most likely being that I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. This isn’t an ask blog, so I answer questions when I feel like it. Additionally, as previously stated, this is not a roleplaying blog, and I will not respond to questions which assume it is one. However, don’t let any of this from discouraging you. If the question is interesting enough, I am willing to put a good bit of work into answering it, as can be seen here.

Q) My submission hasn’t been posted yet. What gives?

A) Well, there are several possibilities. I may have already posted it, it may be in the queue, in which case you should just wait a few more days, or I may have rejected it for whatever reason.

Q) What causes a submission to be rejected?

A) Here are some reasons I may have rejected your submission:

  • It was not related to the SCP Foundation.
  • I’ve already posted it.
  • It was too poorly formatted.
  • I just don’t like it.